Rain Abstracts: Set of 2 modern, contemporary abstract art prints 

These are prints are evocatve of the rainfall on the window panes in the evening dusk.

Art Print 1: Over the Rainbow


Art Print 2: After the Rain


Vibrant, playful, retro modern style abstract art prints. This mixed media art print playfully draws the eyes in a composition of muted grey black tones. Retro colors of vibrant purples and magentas, minimal composition and a play of line art techniques like stippling and texture come together in this mid century modern style art print to dress up your walls in modern contemporary style.


This art print is an original artwork by Soul Curry Art.


Makes an excellent anniversary, birthday, house-warming, graduation or wedding gift. This set of 2 art prints will add warmth, color and vibrancy to the wall and will play off warm wooden accents, concrete or metal accents, and look great as a statement piece on its own.

Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada,
An original artwork by Soul Curry Art.
All rights reserved

Rain: set of 2 abstract art prints

Size Options
    • Mix Media illustration
    • Fine art print printed on the highest quality card stock paper
    • Matte finish
    • Various sizes available
    • Fits standard commercial frame sizes
    • Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada
    • An original artwork by Soul Curry art
    • If you have any questions about this art print, please do not hesitate to contact me
  • 18" x 24" $ 175.00
    16" x 20" $ 160.00
    12" x 18" $ 110.00
    20" x 28" $255