Matsya or Fish: Modern, Nordic, Contemporary art print of fish against an inky indigo blue background.

"Matsya" or fish in the ancient Sanskrit language, is the avatar of the Lord Vishnu, the preserver God in Hindu mythology, in the form of a fish. Matsya represents the idea that life as it is known today originated out of water. In his relation to these primordial waters, Matsya is closely linked with creation and preservation.

A thing of beauty, with its stunning symmetry, dynamics and fluidity of movement, the fish is a symbol of grace, elegance and presents infinite possibilities of interpretation. Blending the ancient with a more contemporary style, in this art print, I attempt to interpret the Matsya/Fish in a Nordic simplistic and graphic style. Bold and stark in the background, soft creamy tones for the fish. Constrasting and harmonious to preserve the essence of the life in its primodial form.


Colors: deep midnight blue and soft cream.


This art print looks great in any home decor style or gallery wall. 

Makes an excellent anniversary, house-warming, graduation or wedding gift.


Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada,

An original artwork by Soul Curry Art. All rights reserved


Size Options
    • Mix Media illustration
    • Fine art print printed on the highest quality card stock paper
    • Matte finish
    • Various sizes available
    • Fits standard commercial frame sizes
    • Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada
    • An original artwork by Soul Curry art
    • If you have any questions about this art print, please do not hesitate to contact me
  • 18" x 24" $ 97.50
    16" x 20" $ 82.50
    12" x 18" $ 60.00
    8" x 10" $ 40.00