Victory was declared in the land as he walked back triumphant to the castle. Surrounded by cheer and accolades, his heart beat faster. The castle gates loomed large, opened its arms to welcome the victorious hero. His armor was heavy, his footsteps light. His smile was steady and his eyes gleamed with promises made dear

The queen awaited him, the reason he lived, he breathed. His chamber was dim, the sights all familiar in the dark night. He called out to his beloved. The beating in his heat turned to dread, as with the whisper of the curtain, she emerged from the shadows, claimed by the new king

The Betrayal of the King: Contemporary, modern faces geometric semi abstract art print in blue and rust tones. Modern, abstract and stylized art print of human faces juxtaposed to create a harmonius composition of shapes, color, forms and expression


This bold and colorful art print makes a great addition to any style of home decor or gallery wall. 

Makes an excellent anniversary, birthday, house-warming, graduation or wedding gift.


Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada,

An original artwork by Soul Curry Art. All rights reserved

Betrayal Of The King

Size Options
    • Mix Media illustration
    • Fine art print printed on the highest quality card stock paper
    • Matte finish
    • Various sizes available
    • Fits standard commercial frame sizes
    • Designed and printed in Montreal, Canada
    • An original artwork by Soul Curry art
    • If you have any questions about this art print, please do not hesitate to contact me
  • 24" x 36"

    $ 160.00

    18" x 24" $ 97.50
    16" x 20" $ 82.50
    12" x 18" $ 60.00
    8" x 10"

    $ 40.00

    20" x 28" $ 145.00